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Welcome to Dixie Julep!

30 Aug

Welcome to my new blog, Dixie Julep: Life and Style in a Modern Southern Home.

Dixie Julep, much like its namesake drink, represents the little pleasures that make life sweet and refreshing. Whether we’re beautifying our living spaces, gathering around the dinner table or simply spending time with family, this blog is about sharing the ideas that make everyday life a little richer.

I’m creating my first blog as a way to give back to the community of bloggers and other social media users who have brought me so much information and inspiration through the years. By day, I work in public relations, helping my company tell its story, but as a blogger, I’m here to tell my own story and share a slice of my life with home and family. I live in Central Florida and share a small, urban home with my husband, dogs, cat and–in just a few short months–a newborn son. I look forward to sharing my experiences in decorating, entertaining and becoming a first-time parent, so please stick around, share your comments and join me for the adventure.