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Look: Web Round-Up for Sept. 27

27 Sep

Eames rocker, as spotted on Apartment Therapy

Wow, two weeks has gone by fast, and it’s time again for another of our bi-monthly Web round-ups. Here are some links worth a click that I’ve spotted in the past couple weeks.

  • For pure eye-candy, it doesn’t get much better than this ode to the Eames rocker over on Style Carrot. With 19 shots of the classic, modern fiberglass rocking chair in all types of settings, this spread made me very excited about choosing this rocker for our own baby’s nursery.
  • I think every expectant parent worries about becoming that parent. You know what I’m talking about! The blog, STFU Parents, has a funny and sometimes cringe-worthy catalog of crazy dispatches from parents on Facebook and other sites. Great reality check and good for a laugh too.
  • John and Sherry over at Young House Love had a great article last week about saving money when getting ready for a new baby. Although their blog covers a wide variety of decorating and home-life topics, I have to admit I’ve especially enjoyed following their progress this years decorating their nursery and playroom, and their cloth diapering tutorial is the best article I’ve found on that subject. Definitely worth a click.
  • Finally, I almost squealed with delight at this collection of fabulous purple rooms and fashions over on Project Nursery. Purple is definitely not part of our soon-to-be nursery’s color palette, but it’s one of my personal faves when it comes to colors, so this collection of images was delicious and inspiring.

Nest: Nursery Mood Boards Set Three “Bright and Exotic”

18 Sep

Here is the third and final set of mood boards for the baby’s nursery. Check out the past ones here and here. This set has three very different themes, each one fun in its own way.

Board #1: Exotic Elephants

This board is a fresh and not-too-babyish take on a fairly popular nursery theme: elephants. I love the soft colors in the ikat patterned curtains from World Market, so I built the room’s color scheme around that. This is one of the only boards that features a white rocker, rather than red, because I found it went better with the soft color scheme. I kept the rest of the furniture white, as well, and paired it with some natural fiber accents and some bold vinyl wall decals.

Board #2: Orange and Blue

Here’s another departure from the green and red color scheme. The bright blue and orange in Trendy Peas’ nursery art inspired this color palette. The colors continue with some more art from Etsy and some cute, affordable furniture and accents from Ikea.

Board #3: Tiki Getaway

In concept, this is one of my favorite nursery themes, but in execution, I think this board is, well, just not quite there. I’m sharing it anyways though, because I’d love your feedback and you may be seeing a revised execution in the near future.

The theme was inspired by the adorable Little Kahuna baby blankets at Misopunk. The tiki statues pictured on the board are actually stand-ins for two slightly larger, slightly darker tiki statues we already own. I added in some simple, modern storage from Ikea and finished off the look with this great tiki print from Etsy.

Any tiki-themed room approaches the fine line between delightfully kitschy and just plain tacky. I think we stayed on the right side of the line here, but I’d also like to find a way to bring in a little bit more of the mid-century modern atmosphere, to round things out without going over the top.

So, now that you’ve seen all nine mood boards, what do you think? Which theme is your favorite? What could we do to tweak these boards to make them even better? I can’t wait to see your feedback, so leave me your thoughts in the comments section now.

Nest: Nursery Mood Boards Set Two “Fresh and Modern”

17 Sep

Here’s the next installment in my series of mood boards for my baby boy’s nursery. If you’re joining us for the first time, check out my introduction to the project and the previous round of boards here. This round has a theme of fresh and modern. Each of the boards is a modern take on nursery design.

Board #1: Black and White Graphical

I love the combination of bold black, white and red, so that was the inspiration for this board. This is probably the simplest of the the boards I designed for the nursery, but the individual elements combine together really well. The rug, shelves and art are all from Ikea.

Board #2: Urban Whimsy

This board combines some simple, streamlined furniture from Ikea with some hip, colorful accessories. The wall art comes from Ikea, and the fun, ruffly drapes come from Urban Outfitters.

Board #3: Mid-Mod

This look is classic mid-century modern. After visiting the Ikea store in person this week, I’ve come to realize that the dresser is a bit too short to make a good changing table, but I still love the overall look of this room. The dresser, armoire, side table, shelves and mirror are all from Ikea. The art is from Etsy.

Nest: Nursery Mood Boards Set One “Sweet and Playful”

15 Sep

After writing the little nursery design manifesto I posted last weekend, I felt very inspired to really dig into the nursery’s design. I had such a variety of inspirations and themes that it was difficult to decide where to begin, so I decided to make up several mood boards, using the nifty mood board creator on

By the end of the weekend, I had a total of nine mood boards, with inspirations ranging from the traditional to the offbeat. To avoid making this a marathon of a blog post, I’m going to break the mood boards up into three sets.

Without further ado, here’s set one of my nursery mood boards. This group of boards features some sweet and playful themes. Of the boards I’ve created, these three are, perhaps, the most childlike or whimsical in theme.

Board #1: Modern Meadow

This board was inspired by a pretty traditional source, a set of crib bedding we spotted at Babies ‘R Us. While I don’t plan to use a bumper or bed skirt, the blanket and valance from the series set the tone for this board. To avoid making it too babyish, I selected some simple, clean-lined furniture from Ikea, then echoed the bedding’s meadow motif with some lovely modern botanical prints from Etsy.

Board #2: Summer Orchard

This theme grew naturally from some of our early color choices. The fresh green and bright red, naturally called to mind the colors of an orchard, and when I spotted these green, gold and red curtains from Ikea, I knew I had to build a mood board around them.

The natural finish of the Ikea dresser and the West Elm side table help bring together the outdoorsy feel, while the Orla Kiely-esque apple print from Etsy brings in the orchard motif in a modern way.


Board #3: Puppies and Primaries

Primary colors are a natural–albeit somewhat expected–choice for a little boy’s room. I decided to go for very playful, childlike accent pieces, like this Ikea nightstand and lamp and JCPenney locker. I also managed to incorporate these modern dog and cat prints from Etsy, which I fell in love with a while ago and have been itching to use somewhere. (For the mood board, I quickly selected prints that matched the color scheme, but in the real nursery, I would order custom prints with my pets’ breeds–weimaraner, cairn terrier and short-haired cat.)

Now that set one is complete, readers, I would love to hear your feedback both on which boards you like the best and on how some of them could be refined to take them to the next level. So, if you like (or hate!) what you see, please post a comment in the comments below.

Look: Web Round-Up for Sept. 13

13 Sep

I hope to make the Web round-up a regular feature on the blog. Whether it ends up being weekly or once or twice a month remains to be seen, but I see so many interesting things around the Web that I’d love a place to share them all with you.

  • Pet Connection features a great review of one of my favorite pet products, the Drinkwell Fountain. You can read my comment over there on the blog, but suffice it to say, it’s made a huge different in the life of my cat, Lucky.
  • Babble’s Being Pregnant blog features a cute ode to one of pregnancy’s most delightful benefits.
  • Do you watch AMC’s Mad Men? If not, you should; get thee to Netflix ASAP! If you do, here are some fun places to read other viewers thoughts and opinions on the show: Slate’s TV Club, Tom & Lorenzo (for a run-down of both the episode and each episode’s fashion choices–yay!) and New York Magazine’s Vulture blog.
  • And, finally, a tip for all my Central Florida friends; don’t miss Orlando Magical Dining Month, which is currently running now through the end of September. It’s a fabulous opportunity to try some of the areas finest restaurants with a very reasonable $30 prix fix tasting menu. We have enjoyed this program the past couple of years, and although we haven’t made it out anywhere yet, we intend to get tasting this week.

Nest: New Design Project – Our First Nursery

11 Sep

Like most home-owners, we consider our condo a perennial work-in-progress, making small additions and tweaking the arrangement of things piecemeal over time. However, this year we’re excited to have the opportunity to tackle our first full-scale design projects, decorating complete rooms from scratch to finish.

The first project in the pipeline will be transforming our second bedroom from an office/storage space to a cozy little nursery for our new baby boy. Our baby is due in December, so we don’t have a huge amount of time–or a huge budget for that matter–but I’m optimistic we can create an impressive transformation with some inexpensive furnishings and simple touches.

Having a virtual blank slate for a room, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with possibilities. Fortunately, my husband and I quickly agreed on a few key principles that will guide our design choices.

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