Nest: Nursery Mood Boards Set Three “Bright and Exotic”

18 Sep

Here is the third and final set of mood boards for the baby’s nursery. Check out the past ones here and here. This set has three very different themes, each one fun in its own way.

Board #1: Exotic Elephants

This board is a fresh and not-too-babyish take on a fairly popular nursery theme: elephants. I love the soft colors in the ikat patterned curtains from World Market, so I built the room’s color scheme around that. This is one of the only boards that features a white rocker, rather than red, because I found it went better with the soft color scheme. I kept the rest of the furniture white, as well, and paired it with some natural fiber accents and some bold vinyl wall decals.

Board #2: Orange and Blue

Here’s another departure from the green and red color scheme. The bright blue and orange in Trendy Peas’ nursery art inspired this color palette. The colors continue with some more art from Etsy and some cute, affordable furniture and accents from Ikea.

Board #3: Tiki Getaway

In concept, this is one of my favorite nursery themes, but in execution, I think this board is, well, just not quite there. I’m sharing it anyways though, because I’d love your feedback and you may be seeing a revised execution in the near future.

The theme was inspired by the adorable Little Kahuna baby blankets at Misopunk. The tiki statues pictured on the board are actually stand-ins for two slightly larger, slightly darker tiki statues we already own. I added in some simple, modern storage from Ikea and finished off the look with this great tiki print from Etsy.

Any tiki-themed room approaches the fine line between delightfully kitschy and just plain tacky. I think we stayed on the right side of the line here, but I’d also like to find a way to bring in a little bit more of the mid-century modern atmosphere, to round things out without going over the top.

So, now that you’ve seen all nine mood boards, what do you think? Which theme is your favorite? What could we do to tweak these boards to make them even better? I can’t wait to see your feedback, so leave me your thoughts in the comments section now.


5 Responses to “Nest: Nursery Mood Boards Set Three “Bright and Exotic””

  1. Ed September 20, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    I really like all of these but the Tiki theme is my favorite:)

  2. Lenny Mosse September 24, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    Wow! you guys are so computer savvy and such! what a professional blog! Anyway, I’m sure you guys like the Tiki, but I think thats for you, not the baby, and it might prove scary like clowns. My top two were the orange and blue, for it’s happy color vibrancy, BUT everybody knows babies respond most readily to black and white. That’s why all those clothbound early development baby books are black and white . So… that’s my 2cents of opinion.


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