Pinterest Review

13 May

I’ve just discovered a new addictive time-suck inspiring creative tool, called Pinterest. If you spend a lot of time on the web, you may have already heard of it. (I know it’s been sweeping the blogs and message boards I frequent faster than you can say “viral.”)

But if you haven’t heard of it–or you’re just waiting to hear what all the fuss is really about–I’ll give you a quick review of my initial impressions.

In my own words, Pinterest is like the love-child of a social bookmarking site like and a mood-board making site like Polyvore or Olioboard. It’s a bit less robust than its predecessors but quicker, breezier and highly social.

Pinterest describes itself as, “a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and ‘follow’ collections created by people with great taste.”

The beauty of the site is that you’re not limited to one genre, be it fashion or interior design, but instead, you can curate little collections of anything that interests you on the web: books, blogs, great graphic design examples, old photographs, the applications are endless. You can build a virtual shopping list or gift guide or you can simply collect images from around the web that strike your fancy.

The great thing is that every item or image you pin bookmarks back to the source site, so if someone you follow has pinned a shopping site, you can find where to buy the item for yourself. Or if someone has pinned a beautiful DIY project or delicious-looking food item, you can find your way back to the recipe or instructions.

It is also highly social with options to follow individual users or boards and the ability to “re-pin,” “like” or post comments on any pinned item. You can also share items directly with other users or post them in one click to your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts.

I’m still brand new to the site–literally, I just joined yesterday!–so this is all a quick impression, but what I’ve seen so far I really like and I am hoping the site takes off. Right now, membership is by invitation only–a genius move on the creators’ part as, according to brand consultant Sally Hogshead “mystique” is a powerful way to make a brand fascinating–but it shouldn’t be too hard to get an invite, as it seems everyone in the blogosphere has gone crazy for Pinterest.

If you’ve decided to make your life Pinterest-ing, tell me about your experience in the comments or give me a shout over on Pinterest. (Search for me under “Dixie Julep.”)


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