DSLR photography, here we come!

19 May

When I was younger, I admit I was very much a stay-inside-of-my-comfort-zone type of gal. But I find that, as an adult, I actually relish trying new things, especially things I have no innate predisposition toward. There’s something about approaching an activity as a gleeful amateur that allows you to stay in the moment and silence your inner critic.

In that spirit, I think I’m going to take on a new project: learning how to photograph with a digital SLR camera.

I’m actually a little embarrassed that I don’t already know how to use one. My day job is in communications, and–hello!–I have a blog. But it never seemed like a necessary skill until our little one was born, and I suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to document every little moment of his babyhood.

Sure, the DSLR is more work, and there’s a learning curve I’ll have to travel. Nonetheless, I think being able to look at a photo and know what choices I made and, maybe, how I could have done better will be more rewarding and less frustrating than the “OMG why do you haaate meeeee!” dialogue I’ve been having far too often with my point-and-shoot.

So, I’m going to start with this free and friendly little online tutorial, and see how it goes. I think it will be a long process, so don’t expect to see any whiz bang photos on here just yet. But with any luck, and a little hard work, I hope to add this to my list of skills and scratch it off my bucket list.


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