Struggle with the Juggle

19 Jul

No one ever said being a mom was supposed to be easy, but some days the juggle is harder than others. And today is one of those days.

Now I’m a girl who likes a challenge, so biting off a bit more than I can chew isn’t just a habit, it’s a way of life. But some days cramming everything in to limited time just doesn’t work.

Right now I’m juggling mommy-hood, a demanding full time job, training for my first 15K and half-marathon (more about that soon here on the blog!), trying to get this blog off the ground, taking care of my pets and their various health and training challenges, and trying to stay in touch with my friends and up to date on the news … and, oh yeah, trying making it out the front door each morning with hair and makeup on and baby spit-up off. Whew!

I thought I was off to a great start today when I got up early and knocked out the two-mile run on my training schedule for today. By finishing my workout early, I had hoped to have enough time to pick up some medicine for my cat at the vet and drop it by the house before heading to the office. A head-start on my day–total super-mom win!

Then we remembered that we forgot to give Lil’ Buddy his ear drops last night. And I forgot to pack a lunch last night. And with all that my head-start on the day evaporated. Poor kitty would have to wait a day for his medicine. Super-mom fail #1.

Then, as I’m packing my stuff up to leave, Lil’ Buddy gets hungry and starts asking to nurse. No time, so I pop a bottle in the warmer for his daddy to feed him instead. Sorry, Buddy! Super-mom fail #2.

Finally, as I’m giving Lil’ Buddy his goodbye kiss, he grabs on to my skirt and won’t let go. I have to pry his tiny fingers off my dress before I can make my way to the door. Hear that sound? Yup, that’s the sound of a mommy’s heart ripping in two. Super-mom fail #3.

It’s enough to make me want to pull my super-mom cape up over my head, crawl under my desk and take a nap! But since that’s not an option, I guess I’ll just give up on trying to be super-mom for the day and try to just do a good job at being plain old ordinary me.

Readers, what’s the hardest part of your daily juggle? How do you find balance in your life? What do you do to pick yourself back up when your morning is an epic fail?


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