Summer Blueberries

22 Jul

I’m usually pretty frugal when it comes to buying produce. I tend to buy whatever fruit is on special and avoid anything delicate that tends to spoil quickly. That includes berries.

However, when I saw the display at Publix the other day proclaiming that berries were “at season’s peak,” I simply couldn’t resist picking up a package of blueberries. Very clever, Publix marketing folks! How could I resist the call to savor summer’s berries while they’re at their best? I’m glad I gave in though because I had a lot of fun enjoying fresh berries all week.

First of all, blueberries are awesome in overnight oats. I’ve been buying the unsweetened almond milk lately, so I’ve been especially craving something sweet to top it with. Blueberries are the perfect fit. (Hint: they’re extra good if you zap your oats in the microwave, berries and all, then gently mash the berries into the oatmeal with the back of your spoon. It makes the oats blue and extra sweet!) It’s been all I can do to wait until I get to work to tear into my breakfast.

I’ve also been tossing berries into salads for lunch. The berries go great with a mix of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and I’ve also tossed in almonds and/or tempeh for protein.

As splurges go, seasonal fruit is a good one, and I’m glad I indulged. What’s your favorite summer produce?


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