Friday Free-for-All: Cleaning, Pinning and Planning

29 Jul

Image courtesy of Flickr user patries71 under Creative Commons license.

Ok, folks, to get the blog moving a little more, I’m going to try something new: a little weekly recap of what’s going on in my life and/or the web. Since it’s a little bit of everything I think I will call it Friday Free-for-All. (Why, yes, I do like a little alliteration now and then! :-))

So, here goes! If you like it, let me know down in the comments section.

Clean Sweep

So last Sunday, my husband and I spent the entire day cleaning the house. It certainly wasn’t my preferred way to spend a Sunday, but I am glad we did it.

I think clutter is one of those things that creeps so slowly into your life that you don’t even realize it’s here. It seldom bothers me when our house is a little messy, but when we take the time to get things truly clean, it’s like, whoa Nelly, what a huge difference. The house seems lighter and brighter and everything just feels better.

Interestingly, after we do a deep clean (rather than just a spot clean) I also notice that our habits change. Dirty dishes go straight into the washer instead of the sink, socks make it to the hamper and so on. I know that if the house was clean like this more often we’d probably develop better cleaning habits. I’m thinking about making some type of daily or weekly checklist to help us along. I’m also thinking about adopting some type of a system for managing clutter.

Readers, have any of you created a cleaning schedule or checklist? Did it help you develop better habits?

Pinning and Planning

In other news, I’m in brainstorming mode for my next big project, Lil Buddy’s first birthday party. I’ve been pinning like crazy over on Pinterest. Can anyone guess what theme I’m considering?

Besides gathering ideas, I don’t have much progress to report, but with four and a half months to go, I think I’m doing well. I love planning a party, so I’ll be sure to blog more about the party plans as the day gets closer.

Readers, what projects are you gathering inspiration for right now? What’s your favorite birthday party theme?


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