Antipasto Skewers (aka Pinterest Saves the Potluck)

2 Aug

I blogged about Pinterest not too long after I first joined the site, and at that time, I could see a lot of potential but figured only time would tell if I actually would use it or not. I can say now, about two months later, that it is, indeed, a darn useful tool.

Case in point: I recently was invited to participate in an Italian-themed potluck at work. I’m not the world’s greatest cook, so choosing something potluck-friendly, matching the theme and easy enough for me to make myself is no small feat. Luckily, it was Pinterest to the rescue. All I had to do was type in “Italian Potluck” and in five minutes I had pinned almost half a dozen recipe options.

I’ve been really enamored with all the cute skewer recipes I’ve been seeing on Pinterest, so I ended up deciding to make these fun antipasto skewers. The recipe I found on Pinterest was from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs, and it was inspired by the Hungry Housewife. I decided to make a vegetarian version, so mine is even a little different, so I’ll include my version of the recipe below.

Antipasto Skewers


One package each of:
Cheese tortellini
Kalamata olives
Green olives
Cherry tomatoes
Fresh mozarella
Artichoke hearts
Good-quality Italian dressing


The night before the party, prepare tortellini according to package directions, coat with a generous amount of Italian dressing and put in the fridge to marinate overnight. You may also wish to chop up the mozarella into large chunks and marinate it too.

The next day, get out all your ingredients. (You may find it helpful to dump the olives and artichokes into bowls, and don’t forget to wash the tomatoes).

Simply thread the ingredients on the skewer in the order of your choosing, and you’re done. (Hint: the skewers look neat on the plate if you follow the same pattern on all. Or for a random look, switch patterns throughout).

For a dish that looks fun and festive, it couldn’t be easier. Thank you, Pinterest.

Pinterest Challenge

Speaking of Pinterest, have you seen the Pinterest Challenge? It’s basically a call to action to stop just pinning and start actually doing some of the projects you’ve pinned. This is my first Pinterest-inspired project, but I hope to complete some more soon. Maybe seeing all the great work on today’s Pinterest Challenge check-in will keep me motivated.

So, tell me readers, have you tried out Pinterest yet? Have you made any recipes or projects that you spotted there?


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