Friday Free-for-All: Colds, Chamomile & Cutting Teeth

5 Aug

My cold survival supplies: lots of hot tea!

If I can say one thing for this week, it’s that I’m glad it’s over. My husband, ‘Lil Buddy and I all started out the week by coming down with a cold and fever, so it hasn’t been a super week in our house.

‘Lil Buddy has stayed in remarkably good spirits, despite the fact that he’s both sick and teething. He’s had his fussy moments, of course, but mostly, he’s been getting lots of extra rest and snuggles and keeping up a cheerful demeanor.

As for me, I’ve managed to keep up at work, but running went on the back burner for most of the week, as I traded my morning run for an extra hour of sleep. I don’t take any heavy  cold medications these days, so I’ve been relying on a little extra rest and a lot of hot tea to get me through the day.

I take the Chinese medicinal tea pictured above two or three times a day, and I really think it’s helped speed my recovery. In between those doses, I also drink a lot of chamomile tea. I confess I am not a huge fan of plain old chamomile, but I love, love, love Celestial Seasonings’ new flavored chamomile teas. Both the honey vanilla and sweet apple varieties are flavored with natural ingredients, and the flavors are light, sweet and very pleasant. They’re tasty enough that I enjoy them when I’m not sick, too.

Illness aside, we did have one big victory this week. ‘Lil Buddy cut his first tooth! I thought the bottom teeth were usually first, but this crazy kid decided to sprout a top tooth first instead. Either way, I’m excited; my little guy is growing up.

That’s about it for our family’s news this week. I think we’ll take it pretty easy this weekend, but I’m looking forward to being back to normal next week.

Readers, what do you do when you or your kids are ill? What do you have planned for the weekend?


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