Friday Free-for-All: On the Move

9 Sep

Well it finally happened … ‘Lil Buddy learned to crawl and to pull up and cruise, and life around the house suddenly got a whole lot more interesting.

It is amazing to me that with only a couple weeks experience with crawling and standing that he’s already making his way from one side of the room to the other and dilligently exploring every nook and cranny in the house. He’s unloaded bookcases, discovered lost objects under the bed, turned over every laundry hamper in the house and carefully unpacked the diaper bag. His curiosity and energy are at once delightful and exasperating.

His moods these days are also a contradiction. As he explores the house, he goes from jubilant to howling with sadness a million times a day. When he falls from trying to stand or step along the furniture, there’s this moment where everyone in the house hold their breath waiting to see if ‘Lil Buddy will smile, laugh and shake it off or let out a wail. There’s no telling how he’ll react to each spill. And even more drama ensues when I have to confiscate a hard earned treasure and “redirect” him to a more acceptable item. As soon as I pull the forbidden item from his tightly clutched fist, the tears start again. I’m sure this is only a little taste of what awaits us in toddlerhood, but I must admit I miss the non-stop cheerful, “puppies and rainbows” version of my kiddo.

All-in-all, I’m both proud and a little scared. My once helpless little baby is now a boy with dreams and determination of his own, and that’s truly amazing. But now that he’s no longer safely confined to my arms or my lap, it reminds me that there’s a big world out there with real dangers and real sadness. The further he stretches away from me, the less I can protect him. I guess that dance between safety and freedom is what growing up is all about, and learning to accept it is what being a parent is about.

Readers, how do you feel when your little ones become more independent? Any tips for surviving the crawling and cruising stage?


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