Pinterest Challenge: Blueberry French Toast Casserole

18 Mar

Sherri over at Young House love has posted the latest edition of the “Pinterest Challenge,” and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must-read. Sherri’s project, a pouf chair, is great, but what’s really amazing is the wealth of great ideas in the link-up. I haven’t even begun to read them all–there’s already more than 600 posted–but I am so impressed by all the talent and creativity.

My entry in the Pinterest Challenge is a project I completed some time ago, but never got around to posting on the blog. I was looking for a special meal to serve on Christmas morning, and I remembered this tasty-looking pin for overnight blueberry french toast from my recipes board on Pinterest.

This was perfect for Christmas morning because you can do virtually all the prep work the night before and just stick it in the oven in the morning. That way, you have something delicious waiting for you after the present unwrapping is done, but no one has to spend the morning in the kitchen.

We followed the recipe pretty directly, so instead of copying it here, I’ll direct you to the original recipe on Chef in Training and Real Mom Kitchen.

As you’ll see when you read the recipe, it’s not a low-cal or low-carb dish and it’s pretty rich-tasting, so we’ll probably save it for special occasions, but it’s definitely a fun, family-friendly breakfast dish, and I give it my thumbs-up!

What Pinterest-inspired projects have you created lately? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments and hop on over to the Pinterest Challenge link-up.

Hungry for more recipes? Find them all here.


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