Four Rules for a Perfect Stay-Cation

5 Jun

Just because you can’t go on a fancy vacation doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some time off. Why not plan a stay-cation, a vacation right in your own back yard?

We recently enjoyed a stay-cation here in Orlando, and here are four rules we followed to make it great.

Play tourist.
No matter where you live, your hometown almost certainly has some type of claim to fame. Being on stay-cation is the perfect excuse to check out all those local attractions through new eyes.

We spent three days at Walt Disney World, and though we’ve visited many times before we looked at everything with fresh eyes on our stay-cation. We also visited the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar, one of the area’s most fun, unique events.

Bring a loved one.
Everything’s more fun when you’re with a loved one. We had family visiting from out-of-town during our stay-cation, and we also made a point to see our local family as well. ‘Lil Buddy loved all the family time.

Put off the chores.
One of the pleasures of staying in a hotel is being free from the chores of home, but you can choose to give yourself a break on stay-cation too. We cleaned house before our break. We also picked up some fresh, easy to fix meals and snacks to minimize time in the kitchen. Other than caring for ‘Lil Buddy and the pets, we took it easy. Which brings me to my final rule …

Take a nap.
What’s a vacation without a little extra rest?

Even though we stayed pretty active, we made time for catching up on our sleep with naps and an early bedtime. Ahhh, I’m feeling relaxed just thinking about it!

Readers, do you ever take a “stay-cation”? What are your favorite tips for making the most of your time off?


2 Responses to “Four Rules for a Perfect Stay-Cation”

  1. Lauren June 6, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    We haven’t done a staycation, but this is kinda making me want to try one! Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that we are about to head out of town for a long weekend in Boston (family wedding), and all kinds of craziness is going to go on. Part of me would just rather stay home!!

  2. Jan Scott (@janscott75) June 26, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

    Love that, especially the nap part!

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