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Restaurant Review: The Ravenous Pig

14 Sep

My husband and I had a wonderful meal at Winter Park gastropub The Ravenous Pig, and it was too delicious not to share. Follow along with us while I give you a peek at the treats we enjoyed.

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Mint Juleps Two Ways

6 May

The Traditional Mint Julep

Saturday is the Kentucky Derby, and with a name like “Dixie Julep,” you can bet this blogger will be mixing up some mint juleps to celebrate.

Just in time to help you plan your own Derby party, I’d like to present two versions of the julep. The first is the classic recipe that’s been made for generations. The second is a surprisingly tasty non-alcoholic version, so that non-drinkers can get in on the Derby Day action.

The Classic Mint Julep

If you’ve never mixed a mint julep, you may surprised at how simple the recipe is. It’s just four ingredients, including the ice, but the trick is all in the preparation.

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