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Guinness Floats

19 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day was Saturday, and even though we had a busy weekend planned, I couldn’t let the holiday go by without doing something a little bit special to celebrate. My solution? Guinness floats.

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Magical Dining Month Recap: K Wine Bar and Funky Monkey Wine Company

14 Nov

Orlando’s Magical Dining Month is a great opportunity to try new restaurants or old favorites with a very affordable prix fixe menu, all while raising money for Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida. The event was held in September, and we had a chance to try two restaurants this year. We sampled one new location, K Wine Bar in Orlando’s College Park neighborhood, and one old favorite, Funky Monkey Wine Company at Pointe Orlando in the International Drive area.

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Pinterest Challenge: Franken-Cookies

5 Nov

I’m not much of a chef, but I love browsing for recipes on Pinterest. One of my favorite things about Pinterest is that, due to its visual nature, many of the recipes pinned are really beautiful or interesting to look at. Even better, there seems to be a wealth of recipes that are interesting to look at and easy to make, like my last Pinterest Challenge entry, Antipasto Skewers. Today’s recipe also fits the bill, and I am lovingly nicknaming it the Franken-Cookie.

**talking in spooky announcer voice** It’s an Oreo. It’s a chocolate chip cookie. It’s both. It’s the Franken-Cookie!!! **insert cheesy sound effects scream here … or the sound of everyone drooling!**

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Penguin Slams

4 Feb

Is it a sinfully sugary breakfast treat or a caffeine-powered dessert? Either way the “Penguin Slam” is a great little indulgence and one of Britain’s tastiest exports.

A Penguin is a chocolate-coated wafer cookie, a bit like a double-wide version of the American Kit-Kat bar. They’re manufactured and sold in the UK, but you’re likely to find them in any supermarket that has a decent British imports section. The wrappers are each adorned with a little cartoon penguin, as well as a hopelessly cheesy joke about penguins.

The Australian version is called a Tim Tam, and in fact, my husband was introduced to the candy by an Australian roommate. I believe Tim Tams were the original choice of candy for the slam, but they’re not as widely available in the U.S. as Penguins are.

To enjoy your Penguin slam, all you need is a hot cup of coffee and a package of Penguins. (It’s impossible to stop at just one, so go ahead and pull out the whole package!).

Step one unwrap your Penguin, then nibble the tips off of each end.

Next, dip one end of the Penguin into your coffee, then suck the hot coffee through the cookie like a straw.

Finally, eat your Penguin quickly and savor the hot, chocolate-y goodness before it melts into your hand or falls back into your coffee.

Messy, yes, but worth every bit of it. The warm, melty blend of chocolate and coffee is a special treat.