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Friday Free-For-All: Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2011

23 Sep

It’s Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2011, and behind that somewhat lengthy name is a really great cause that’s near and dear to my heart: finding homes for all the deserving cats and dogs who need them.

You’d like to think that every cat or dog awaiting adoption had an equal shot at finding its way to a “forever home,” but sadly, that’s nowhere close to reality. Black pets, senior pets, blind or deaf pets, banned or restricted breeds, FIV+ cats … the list goes on. All of these pets are less likely to be adopted and more likely to have an extended stay in the shelter or rescue. Petfinder.com created this week to generate awareness of this challenge and put the spotlight on these underdogs (and under-cats!) awaiting adoption.

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This Easter Just Say “Make Mine Chocolate”

15 Apr

Rabbitron.com Awareness Campaign

Easter is right around the corner, and as the Easter Bunny gets ready to make his rounds, it’s a great time to remind everyone of some other bunnies with a much less happy future. These are the numerous rabbits that are purchased as gifts every Easter, then neglected or surrendered at animal shelters when the family grows tired of their ill-considered gift.

Rabbits are smart, sensitive creatures with a life span of 10 years. They require gentle handling, a safe, quiet home and just as much care as a cat or dog. Is a rabbit really a good fit for your family?

Bringing any pet into your home is a commitment for the lifetime of that pet, and giving a pet as a gift undercuts that message, making a living creature seem like nothing more than a toy. If your family is interested in adopting a bunny, why not make it a family project to select one of the more than 5,000 adoptable rabbits currently available on Petfinder.com or at your nearest animal shelter?

So, this Easter, spread the word that real bunnies aren’t disposable and the best choice is to say, “Make mine chocolate!”

For more information, check out the House Rabbit Society, Rabbitron.com or the Make Mine Chocolate campaign.