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Fashion Confessions of a New Mom

24 Jan

While most of us rail against the idea of adopting “mom jeans” or “mom hair” the moment we have our first little one, it would be a lie not to admit that having a baby in the house changes things in subtle, often unexpected, ways. After six weeks of parenthood, here are my mom-fashion confessions.

On any given day, I have more costume changes than Cher.

Let’s face it; the tiniest of babies can make the biggest messes. Between diaper mishaps, feeding mishaps and upset tummies, it’s a rare day when I don’t find myself changing clothes several times. If variety is the spice of life, then having a baby in the house brings a bit of zest to daily dressing.

Low-cut tops are an inevitable wardrobe malfunction.

Who would have realized that a tasteful V-neck happens to be at the perfect height for a newborn’s feet to push down. One little fussy spell with tiny kicking feet, and my neckline looks more like a Versace model than an outfit suitable for a mom. Guess I’ll save those tops for when my son is just a little bit taller.

Cardigans and tunics hide a multitude of sins.

Everyone talks about losing the baby weight, but what they don’t warn you about is the muffin-top that’s left over after the baby weight is gone. Luckily, today’s trendy tunics and flowing cardigans are the perfect camouflage. As a bonus, layers hide stains and make a quick-change easier than ever, so the layered look gets a thumbs-up from me.

I still care how I look … just a little less than before.

Before having a baby, most moms-to-be are in one of two camps: those who are marching towards mommy-martyrdom gladly and those who insist that when baby arrives nothing will change. I think the truth for most of us is somewhere in between. If you cared about looking and feeling good before you were a mom, you’ll still care after you have a baby. But a newborn’s needs are so big and so urgent that everything else bumps down just one notch on your priorities list. I still enjoy dressing up and that’s not likely to change. But if life finds me blogging in my pajamas at four o’ clock in the afternoon now and then, well that will just be one little confession that’s between you and me, dear readers.


Live: Color Me Amused

20 Oct

Marketing researchers pay big dollars to attempt to understand what drives consumers’ behaviors, but the truth is our reasons for buying are often a mystery even to ourselves. Case in point: I bought nail polish to match my dog. No, it wasn’t intentional, just a happy accident that shows our minds work in mysterious ways.

Dixie, my weimaraner ...

... and her matching shade of nail polish.


I was having a crummy day recently, and when I stopped at Walgreens to pick up a few essentials, I decided to treat myself to a little bottle of nail polish as a cheap pick-me-up. As soon as I saw Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro “Steel Grey” on the shelf, it was love at first sight. It’s an unusual shade for nails–somewhere between warm grey and taupe–but I was inexplicably drawn to it. It took me a few days to figure out why. I was admiring¬† my newly pedicured feet, propped up on the sofa next to my dog, and I suddenly realized the new nail color was an exactly perfect shade of weimaraner grey!

I’m not sure I’m ready to admit in public that I’m now matching my fashion to my dog, but I have to admit the connection made the color seem all the more charming to me. Color me amused, I guess!